La relación más importante de mi vida y la que me cuesta más trabajo comprender en ciertos momentos es mi relación con él. A través de los años me he dado cuenta de que he estado constantemente en busca de la perfección, evitando sentir con naturalidad por miedo a no ser como he creído que debo ser. Todos tenemos una imagen de la persona que queremos ser y desde que somos pequeños nos enseñan a planear o imaginar una vida con base a esa imagen. A medida que pasa el tiempo vamos haciendo cambios a esa imagen y vamos construyendo … Continue reading 6MESES


I can’t help but wonder where you are and what you’re doing. Only to think that somewhere out there you exist. One who will care for me, maybe forever, maybe for a day that’ll feel like forever. I want to know you, I want my heart to know what it feels like to love and be loved so deeply. I hope to have the courage to hold on to you when the day comes and we meet. To be able to welcome you into my arms and for you to stay there forever, even if it is only a day. Continue reading Forever

Letting go

  I let go of any burdens I carry with Of every fear that chains my heart to the point I can’t even breathe I let go of any past memories that harm me in the present I let go of people who have vanished from my life I let it all go, I set it free, but most importantly I set myself free I free myself from my own limitations, from society’s limitations Like a bird who wishes to rise above what he once was, to become what he wishes to be I am now that bird on the … Continue reading Letting go

These dreams of mine.

I open my eyes to the door that’s in front of me, the surface looks rough and harsh and the handle is old and rusty. I don’t know where I am or how I got here, all I see is this door. I feel frightened but also curious to see what’s on the other side. Curiosity gets the best of me so I quickly open it to avoid any suspense and more fear from invading my already scared body. Behind that door is a place I have never visited. There’s a crystal clear river flowing across the middle, a huge … Continue reading These dreams of mine.

A Journey through faith

The beginning I’ve always been a believer, not only religiously speaking but also a believer of life, of people and everything around me. I haven’t always had this much faith and I’m not proud to say that I was able to open up myself to God and his values at a very lonely time in my life. It wasn’t as dramatic as it may sound, or at least it wasn’t so for me. I had just cleared my entire life and started fresh in a new place, leaving everything that had built me up behind. I got detached from everything … Continue reading A Journey through faith


He’s stared all night at her, the way she moves, talks and everything else about her exterior self. He finally builds up the courage to go up to her and goes in with a very thought-out and bold statement ¨GIVE ME YOUR INSTA¨, too demanding. She’s disappointed. What have we turned in to? What have we turned our relationships into? I ask myself the same. Our society has become this crowd who is completely driven by social media and what it publishes. We abide by these rules and ways that it has set out for all of us, and we’re … Continue reading Social?


Same room different girl. There’s a crowed space, too crowded to think properly when everyone else’s around. That’s how the world works though, it’s just a big space full of people, there are always crowds of people everywhere, talking, walking, smiling, laughing, living. So many things happening at once, how can anyone just focus on one. That’s how she feels right now, how can she focus on one single thing when there’s a billion things happening at the same time. It’s hard. I know it and so does she. Does anyone know, she wonders. How can they know, they’re purpose. … Continue reading Overfill